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Shamrock Front St. EntranceBarvarian Inn - S.W. corner of Bridge St. and Front Ave.

Bob “Sully” Sullivan

Presents the first

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion

All-Star Concert


June 15th, 16th, 2013

Continuous Live Bands Noon-7:00pm

At The Riverfront Hotel

“On the Patio”

Ann Street/Grand River



Sound Support by: Ian Kettle

Video Production: Dan Salas

                            ONE DAY $10

                      ONE DAY ADVANCE $7

                     TWO DAY ADVANCE $12


                         Get There Early – No Reserve Seating

  Riverfront Hotel 270 Ann Street NW

   Grand Rapids, MI, 49504  1-866-925-9750

Sullivan’s Carpet

                                     1860 28th Street, SE

                           Grand Rapids, MI  (616) 243-8066

                      Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos will be Available on an

                             Advance Order Only. Click Here for Details!!!


  • (Noon) The Quests (Bob Fritzen, Lyle Hotchkiss, Bob Dengate, Ron Sieracki, Randy Sieracki)

  • (1:00pm) Denny Gramza’s Extravagramza (DennyGramza, Jay Fortier, Tom Geluso, Stacy Noonan, Jonathan Beaver)

  • (2:00pm) Blues 101 (Keith Mullins, Marc Kozak, Johnny Boggs, Richard Johnson)

  • (3:00pm) Harry Lucas and the Lowdowns (Harry Lucas, Donald Hooker, Jeff Beavan, John Hunt)

  • (4:00pm) Big Organ (Chris Moberley – Hammond B3, Rick Hicks – Guitar, Randy Marsh – Drums)

  • (5:00pm) Original John Brown Trio (John Brown, Al “Big Al” Vandetti, Pat Sage with Special Guest Drummer Greg Stankus

  • (6:00pm) All-Star Band (Ronnie Fray, Bob Reilly, Jerry Davis, Randy Marsh)


CONTACT: Doug Taylor (616) 784-3200


Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert Poster

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert Poster


Radisson Summer "Patio Party 2010" Grand Rapids Oldest Rock & Roll Guys. (L-R) Bruce Snoap-Kingtones, Jimmy VanPutten-The Eschelons, Big Al Vandetti-John Brown Trio, Lonnie Lehr-Bobby Bond Trio.

Radisson Summer “Patio Party 2010” Grand Rapids Oldest Rock & Roll Guys. (L-R) Bruce Snoap-Kingtones (1957), Jimmy VanPutten-The Eschelons (1959), Big Al Vandetti-John Brown Trio, Lonnie Lehr-Bobby Bond Trio (1956).


Shamrock/Bavarian T-Shirts - Green or Pink

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert T-Shirts – Green or Pink


Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 1

Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 1

Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 2

Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 2

Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 3

Riverfront Hotel Patio New Stage 3







FA ~ 5/5/2013 – 5/13/2013 * 5/22/2013

























3 Responses to SRC

  1. Tom jones says:

    Say hi to Sully for me. Haven’t seen him in a long time since the days of OZZ at the Bavarian. Before that we used to jam on Saturdays at the Shamrock with Pearson tending bar, one great guy. Jammed with some great musicians over the years and remember packing the Bavarian on those Wednesday nights before thanksgiving with people lined up down the block to get in. Wall to wall people and some mighty fun times.

    • Well, all I can say is Tom Jones, you should get your butt on a jet plane and get up here and enjoy the reunion festivities. But get here before the line starts. Hey, a lot of people have asked me, if I know anything about an OZZ reunion, have you heard anything? Doug Taylor

      • Tom jones says:

        Wish I could but have to work as I’m taking a big trip next month. Bad timing. As you know Jeff galas and Scott hock are both dead, so a reunion of my version of OZZ would be a little shallow unless we could get jack Myers and bill Moore together. Have fun!

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