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Grand Rapids

Aerosmythe was formed in the early 1970s by Doug Cassens (Sax, vocals), Pat Cooper (Hammond B3 organ, electric piano, bass pedals, back-up vocals), Keith Seccombe (Vocals and sax) and Dan Ohlman (Drums)


Aerosmythe (L-R)
Pat Cooper (Hammond B.3, Electric Piano, Bass with his feet and vocals), Butch Wolinski (Drums), Doug Cassens (Horns and vocals) Keith Seccombe (Horns and vocals). The guy at the end is Bobby Stiles from Me and Dem Guys he didn’t play in the band. We were together from 1973-1975

When Me and Dem Guys broke up Doug ( horn player) and Keith Seccombe started a little 4 piece group called Aerosmythe and played around town for a couple of years primarily at Lomonacos Swinging Door in Comstock Park and The Brass Monkey on Alpine. In addition to Doug and Keith, Pat Cooper ( 4U and Him) was the core of the group, playing Hammond B.3, Electric Piano( in lieu of a guitar player), kicking bass with his feet and singing back up vocals and the drummer was Butch, Lin Nowicki’s first husband.The Moody Blues medley is a live clip recorded at the Brass Monkey, I always thought it was really good considering it was one guy playing organ with one hand, piano with his other, kicking bass with his feet and singing with the two of us. I hope you enjoy and it brings back some fond memories

YOUTUBE.COM13 Moody Blue Medley

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