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Alex VanPortfliet

Don Ho Row Back Woods Band – 1989 – Present. Frank Riccobono, Steve Van Portfliet, Mark Maycroft, Johnnie P, Don Bidell, Steve Rausch, Catherine Cain.

Hangtime – 1992 (?) – 1998 (?). Don Bidell, Catherine Cain, Johnnie P, Steve Van Portfliet. Kirk Barkel.

2Catzoo – 1998 (?) – 1999 (?). Jesse Woods, Kirk Barkel, Steve Van Portfliet, Deb????….

Don Sprik Band 2000 – 2001. Don Sprik, Steve Van Portfliet, Bob Racalla, Chad Vanderhyde, Pat Shepperd.

In The Red – 2002 – 2012. Bob Racalla, Kerry Leigh, Don Bidell, Kirk Barkel, Richard White, Scott Sawdy, Brent???, Danny K, Ryan Gramza.

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