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Alibi Disco

Grand Rapids – Alpine Ave. (AKA Thunder Chicken, Top of the Rock, Alibi, Club 911, DV8) Currently it’s Hanson Body Shop.

Alibi Nightclub

Alibi Nightclub

6 Responses to Alibi Disco

  1. Denise Jaglowski says:

    Hubbs & I met there, Dec 19, 1978, at the last Toga Party in the country (probably). There were no water fountains on the dance floor. What’s the history of those? Did the floor light up? We can’t remember if it did or not.

  2. Gene A Haywood says:

    I wish I still had half the money I spent in that place back in the day. Lot’s of great memories, but the best thing I got from there was my wife.

  3. mike davis says:

    My uncle Dick Bichler built the Thunder Chicken and also had Putt Putts.

  4. I remember a waitress named Vanessa. We called her Vinnie. I never knew her last name. Always think about her. Anyone know her.

  5. I was the bartender in this pic, Jamie, the manager passed away today,

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