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All Star Band

The All Star Band is a wonderful combination of some of the area’s most prominent and experienced country, rock and jazz musicians.

Guitarists and singers Ronnie Fray, Jerry Davis, Richard Johnson, bassist Bob Reilly, and drummers Randy Marsh and Tommy Davis have all been playing steady since the 60s, and have all earned excellent reputations with their fellow musicians, as well as with their fans.

Jerry Davis played with the Beveridge Brothers and Dirk Rivers, to name a few. Ronnie Fray led his own band for many years, often with Richard on guitar. Randy Marsh played with Phlegethon , Turning Point as well as many other jazz projects. Bob Reilly was the heartbeat of the popular Common People and numerous other local bands. Tommy Davis also served a stint with Phlegethon, Ronnie Fray, as well as with Larry Ballard and blues legend, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown.

Please welcome the All Star Band!!!

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