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Andy Venza

Albert Smith Group – (Drums) (RIP)

2 Responses to Andy Venza

  1. Dave Sikkema says:

    Andy was the original drummer for “The Cyclones” in ’66 or ’67. A great guy he was. I remember practicing at his house and going to his uncle’s pizza place on Plainfield to eat. Good times. RIP, my friend.

    John Karns, remember Big Dave? I just located Keith, he lives in South Carolina and has been playing music professionally his whole life. keithtracylivemusic.com Hey, does your brother still have that ’58 Caddy?

  2. john karns says:

    I first met Andy when we were both high school students – he @ Catholic Central, and I @ Ottawa Hills (the old location on Iroquios St). He along with a few others would sometimes visit me @ my parents’ house and we would usually jam a few tunes.

    A small group of us would sometimes hang out, and Andy once came along with some of us on a weekend camping trip to the Baldwin, MI area. Andy always had a great attitude, which made him a pretty agreeable person, and fun to hang out with. He almost always had a smile on his face.

    Several years later we had the chance to work together playing in a variety band in Middleville – in approx 1976 / ’77. RIP, Andy – we miss you.

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