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April 10, 1964

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(Day 65) Kingtones Memoirs

April 10, 1964 (Friday)

After leaving the Royal Castle, we got on the state highway and headed north. We finally got to US 75, a big beautiful new road. We got on it and went about one mile before the road ended. It was not finished yet. So we got out our map, “recalculated,” and started up again. We stopped in Lake City for breakfast. It was excellent. Pete took over driving for Bob to give him a rest. We had to take detour after detour. We almost went nuts. I almost fell asleep twice while I was driving, but woke up mighty fast when we came to Atlanta, Georgia. If you were sleepy in Atlanta, you had a good chance of ending up dead. The drivers there were crazy. We called it “Wild Man’s Land.

We were having some trouble with the van. It would only run if the choke was pulled all the way out, but it somehow fixed itself. We hadn’t slept all night and were getting very tired. We decided to drive until it started to get dark. Then we would then get a motel.

We finally stopped. I was sleeping at the time and the guys woke me up to go into the room. As I got out of the van, I thought, “What a dump.” We were at a very old, run down motel. Phil said we only paid $10.00 for the night, so don’t complain, just go to bed. We went to bed at 8 A.M. We were only a few miles from the Tennessee state line. It had been a long,  long day and night. The further north we went, the colder it got. We were all healthy and getting along okay.


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