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Band Page Format Sheet

Band Page Format Sheet:

1) Band Page:  Please use this Format while supplying us with your band information, members (Instruments, vocals), band Bio, (Please include all incarnations of the band, if you went through different members and styles) members Bio’s, places your band played. If your band has had a lot of incarnations, please visit the “Common People’s” Page and use their format. Send to: WMMusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com
2) Pictures for Band Page: Please send groups of 5 – 10 pictures (jpeg) per e-mail, as it makes it easier to process on this end. Always include in that e-mail, (example) who’s in each picture from (L – R) Randy Springer, Laura Springer, Dan Reilly, Xaxier Garcia) You might want to add where picture was taken? When (year) or (1980 c.) If you have a poster, please send before any pictures. Send to: WMMusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com

Pictures at bottom of Page: ________________________________________________________________________________________

1) Band Page:


Tetrad Band – Grand Rapids based band (2010)

Randy Springer (Lead, vocals)
Laura Springer (Bass)
Dan Reilly (Keyboards, vocals)
Xavier Garcia (Percussion, drums)

“Tetrad Band” rocked and blues’d their way onto the scene in 2010!! With ripping guitar work from Randy Springer and Killin’ rhythm section made up of Laura Springer on Bass, Dan Reilly on Keys, and Xavier Garcia on Drums, this band is a contender! We are a Spirited Blues Rock Band, mainly oriented in Blues and Southern Rock, that can totally Rock the House! Or we can keep it mellow, it’s all up to you, we have a wide variety of music to choose from. Tetrad is a group of very experienced, seasoned players, playing some great Classic Blues, Rock and Country, and a great collection of original tunes! The performers in this group are veterans at their trade, so, what are ya waiting for! Come on out to our next show!


Biographies for Tetrad Band?

Randy Springer has been playing and recording since age 10. He played his first gig at the age of 14. He moved to Michigan in 1983 and played with Ken Kay and The Country Drifters. In the mid 80’s he migrated to a Rock band, and then moved on to several Country and Blues bands in the early 90’s. The Randy Springer Band was formed in 1989. Along with local gigs, they did a tour to Key West, Florida, playing the Poinciana Lounge for 3 months. They cut 2 “records” and promoted that show for 5 years. Bob Gill(RIP), Vince Gill’s brother, had the house show there and was willing to give Randy a shot. The Randy Springer Band fronted Eddie Raven at Celebration on the Grand in 1999 as well. Randy has played the Grand Rapids Calder Stage and most of the festivals in the West Michigan area. He went on to join Roberta Bradley and Gypsy, a 6-piece blues/jazz band. From there, he continued to play throughout Michigan in different Classic Rock, Blues, and Country bands. Today, he is joining up with wife Laura and long time friends Dan Reilly and Xavier Garcia to play some great music and have a good time doing it. Randy has 31 years experience playing music and can draw upon many talents to put on a great show.

Laura Springer’s musical journey started at age 11, when her father sensed potential and natural rhythm. He signed her up for guitar lessons which helped her develop technique and learn about music theory. Just out of high school, Laura taught beginner guitar at Farrow’s Music in Grand Rapids, where upon a small jam session in the store, she was handed a bass guitar and told to play it. Scott Farrow, the manager, gave her some bass lessons and helped her acquire equipment and join a few different bands. Through the late 70’s and early 80’s that led to other bands, gigs, and styles, including Rock, Southern and Country Rock, Pop, and Blues. In 1984, she met guitar player/singer/song-writer Randy Springer. For the next 5 years they played all over Michigan and in 1987 they recorded an album and took it to Florida to promote. Between then and the present they were married and continue to be involved in bands and projects together and separately. They reunite their musical talent with players from past endeavors for this current project. Laura has been involved in recording projects, and played numerous bars, weddings, parties, festivals, clubs, rodeos, county fairs, shows, and benefits. She is described as a solid player, professional, prepared, and easy to work with.

Dan Reilly, keyboards and vocalist, is a native of the Grand Rapids area and received his Bachelor’s Degree in music from Aquinas College in 1988. Since then he has played professionally over 20 years at more than 500 gigs right here in West Michigan with a myriad of different bands including, The Gordon Thayer Band, Thunder Road, Driver Crazy, The Hound Dogs, Desert Horse, Hot Damn, Kik’n Country, Stolen Horses, Tom Woods, Mike & Gordy Howed, Ed Powers, Katzenjammer, and Hazy Past. He has also participated in recordings with Jimmy Stagger and many others. From jazz quartets to country rock bands to all original projects, Dan continues to play live and make recordings with an unbridled passion for music and the keyboard. Peace, Love, & Bell-bottoms!

Xavier Garcia,  I was born in Alice, Texas, 1961.  My family moved to Michigan in the summer of 1967, at the time I was 6 years old.  I started playing drums at a very young age.  I was influenced by my father, Joe Garcia.  He toured the states playing Tejeno music.  My favorite drummers are Billy Cobham, and Harvey Mason.  I grew up on funk, R&B, tejeno, salsa, and jazz.  I have played with Avagadro, OTC, Wired, Thunderoad, and Stolen Horses.  I have opened up for country artists such as Joe Nichols, Jamey Johnson, Heidi Wakefield, Jimmy Wayne, and Whiskey Falls.  I come from a big background of music.  My grandfather was also a guitar player, his name was Juan Garica.  I’m also related to Los Lonely Boys, who are cousins to me.   I have never met them, but my father talks to their mother, and their grandfather, very often.  I hope that some day I will get the chance to meet them.  They are awesome musicians.  I want to thank the following local musicians that have helped me with my music. Marshall McDaniel – “Thunderoad” Rob Hanson-“OTC” Paul Kwant – “Thunderoad”,  “Stolen Horses” Gram Tore – “Wired” Also, D.J. Smith (“Stolen Horses”) who gave me my biggest opportunity and the biggest stage of my music career, he helped me bring out my “A” game.

Below is a list of a few places we have played…

River City Saloon, Cancun Connection, Coochies, The B.O.B.,Twisted Bull / People Lounge, Chez Ami Bowling Lanes / Paolo’s Living Room / 54th, St Lounge, Eastbrook, Bowling Lanes / Kegler’s,Westgate Bowling Lanes,Lakewood Bowling Lanes, Greenville Bowling Lanes,Muskegon Country, Club, Lincoln Lake Country Club, Kent Country Club, Otsego Club, Penn Club, Taxpayer’s Club, Kentwood Roller Rink, Steak and Blues Festival, River Rock Festival, Grin Fest, Woodcock Festival, Fast Trax, Gipper’s, Festival Downtown Grand Rapids, Calder Stage, Celebration on the Grand, Rosa Parks Circle, Red Flannel Days, Polaski Days,   (Put down all you can, the more you put down, the better people will remember your band)

At this point, leave your booking telephone #s and E-mail address:

2) Pictures for Band Page:  Will be down here in one album, unless you have different incarnations of the band. If that’s the case, please visit “Natchez Trace” Band Page. That is a good format, we would like to keep to.

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