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Blind Man’s Bluff

Grand Rapids

James Klomparens says:  Greg has a recording studio in Coldwater, Michigan. Leroy Myers (Drums) worked with the Bobby Friss Band until last year. Is with a new band in the Tampa area now. Wayne Carver(Bass) was with FLASH and is now playing in the Vegas Circuit. Bob McGloughlin (sound ) works for a elecronics company in GR. I lost track of the others.

BLINDMAN'S BLUFF at The Rafters in Battle Creek

To all that remember the band Blind Mans Bluff I am sad to inform you that Greg Brayton the blind man himself passed away this morning. I worked with him and he was my friend. I will never forget him.



3 Responses to Blind Man’s Bluff

  1. Steve Stanley says:

    Saw Blind Man’s Bluff at the Madison House in Bronson Michigan in the 70’s. One heck of a band. The Madison House had great Harvey Wallbangers too. How’s that for a “blast from the past”

  2. Jim Wangerin says:

    In the mid 70’s we saw Blind Man’s Bluff at the Harbor Inn in Grand Haven where they were regulars. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I believe that this is the band where one of the guys used to hang by his legs upside down from a pipe in the ceiling while playing the guitar.

  3. guy holloway says:

    We loved blind mans bluff in Louisville ky.Heartwood tavern early 80s.He was a nice guy.

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