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Boliver Dragnut

Grand Rapids (Rock-Classic Rock)

Boliver Dragnut

Boliver Dragnut

Band Members:

  • Rocky Franklin (Drums, vocals)
  • Dave Balcerzak (Guitar, vocals)
  • Pat Bradford (Bass)
  • Dave Bradford (Keys, vocals)
  • John Skryski (Lead vocals)



Late 60’s Dave and Pat Bradford started early with a band they started , American Underground.with other local musicans they were a local favorite.

John broke his teeth with local band mates the Ira mare band in the 70’s
Rocky and Dave Balcerzak joined forces in the early 70’s with bands they formed
for a few years then went their ways, Rocky joined a local band called Wormtung,
and Dave going on with other bands such as the Edge, with everyone taking a break from the music scene for about ten years. In 2001 rocky called Dave Balserzak and asked want to try it again, his answer was yes and we were off and running and in a week we had Pat on board with Dave joining a few weeks later. At that time we needed vocals and we ran across old friend Rex Lambert for vocals
and Boliver Dragnut was formed.

Boliver Dragnut !! Why, because Rockys mother in our teen years was our transportation and support to shows back then and in the kaos of setting things up and confusion of the night she had a pet name if she could not think of your name right a way she would call to them, Hey BOLIVER DRAGNUT and that is what we remember of her and that is were it comes from.
Boliver Dragnut !! Fun to say and fun to listen to!!!
Such as, The Frost, Alice Cooper, Beatles, Alvin Lee, Stone Temple Pilots, Kiss, Deep Purple, Molly Hatchett, Foo Fighters, Skynyrd, AC/DC, Kansas, Cream, Slade, Theory of a Deadman, Black Oak Arkansas, ELO, Humble Pie, Jimmy Hendrix, Nickleback, 38 Special, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Van Halen, Collective Soul, Grand Funk, Savoy Brown and many more, just to name a few.
Booking: 616-204-6075

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