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Brent McDonald

Brent McDonald  (Keyboard, vocals)

Brent McDonald on Keyboard

Brent McDonald on Keyboard














Started piano lessons at five. Twelve, mowed many lawns to procure a quad pickup Teisco Del ray and a Silvertone amp. As young teenagers did, gotta have a band too. Quaint picture attached, Royal Blu at the Crazy Horse, Kalamazoo 1968. Realizing the name wasn’t kewl, we changed it to Atlantic Bridgefield which became pretty popular in the MI area. Did everything from early Yes stuff, to horn band arrangements. Ides of March, Electric Flag, etc. The teen club and college circuit started dying. Looking for a change, quit the band, quit college {temporary draft deferment} when hired by a group of embarrassingly talented people I probably had no business playing with. The glamorous journey of living out of a suitcase began. Several bands later, decided to put my own unit together, Straight Light. Bunches of people came and went. Ric Sherwin {Xebec}, Tere Bertke {Black Hawk}, Billy “Bass” Alford {The Truth}, John Brandt {Cheap Trick}. And a little known fact, Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen was a member for most of 1975. {Just a hint for his biography on WMHS Doug SL died, endless procession of bands. Presto, MIDI appeared and spent my life savings on a couple E=MU Emulator II’s and various synths. MIDI/sampling being new, most recording folks didn’t know much about it. Started renting the stuff to all the studios I’d been kicked in and out of. Studio environment was thrilling and that made up my mind what I wanted to do. Got hired as a part time go-fer at Future Sound near Columbus, OH with the luxury of working when not gigging. Eventually wound up manning the helm for sessions. Probably too long and boring already so won’t sum up the last 27 years. But been doing that ever since. Having a 50+ year career in the music biz and being able to look back at it like this… The only conclusion to draw is, either darned lucky or blessed. Take your pick

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