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Brian Paul Thomas Band

Saginaw – 3 Piece Rock Band – They played at the Shamrock Lounge on Bridge Street regularly in the late 60’s early 70’s. They played a lot of the James Gang songs.

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  1. Jim Leonard says:

    I can’t believe it. I’ve been looking for this band for 40 years. Hey man, I got your tape done!

    I recorded lots of bar bands in the 70’s on a Panasonic Reel-to-Reel.

    Still got it and the tapes. BTW: I think you still owe me for that speaker I fixed 😉

    I still recording bands live, http://www.MusicalRival.com but I got some new equipment.

    I enjoyed working with all the bands and miss my friend Bryce Roberson from Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine in Kalamazoo, rest his soul.

    Jim Leonard

  2. Doug Allyn says:

    Brian Paul Thomas was a Saginaw area band, Brian ‘Buzz’ Ashton on guitar, Paul Casteter (spelling?) on drums and Tom (…argh, it’ll come) on bass. Very strong club group, during early 70s. Buzz, an avid outdoorsman, later relocated to northern Mich in band called Country Pride, while Paul headed off to Nashville.

  3. Jerry B. Williams says:

    Brian Paul Thomas: Here it is almost 2-years later and I never received a response to my previous message dated 01/01/2015. Too bad!!!

    Just so you know, should you or anyone who knows of you who just might happen to see this message of mine here…..I did a stereo “LIVE” recording of your band that evening when your band played at “The Green Onion” club there on Pendleton Pike. Strange as it may seem, I — STILL!!! — have the 10-1/2″ tapes of your performance from that evening!!! Your show that night also included your version of the Hendrix-style “Star Spangled Banner”, which was really cool.

    If you, or anyone you know, ever sees this message…..send me an e-mail and I could burn you a CD of your show from that night!!!

    You can reach me at: midnight_blue_studios AT yah00 d0t C0m

    Does anyone actually read and/or see these messages???



  4. Jerry B. Williams says:

    Would this happen to be the same “Brian Paul Thomas” that had played at “The Green Onion” club in Indianapolis (actually “Lawrence”) located on Pendleton Pike sometime during the very late ’60s?

    If so, do you remember having a blown speaker in one of your cabinets that was repaired right there on-stage by some local kid? If this is you, then please send me an e-mail message, OK??? THANKS!!! JBWilliams

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