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You ask why is this band in our website, because they are from Detroit. Well, they are in it because they played a lot at the Bavarian Inn on Bridge St. Grand Rapids.

4 Responses to Chopper

  1. Chopper was actually based out of Lansing or East Lansing. Several of the band members, including drummer,”Chopper,” lived there.

  2. Wayne says:

    Chopper also played at Shulas in Niles on a number of occasions. Shulas is another place that should be in the Venues list.

    • Give me something about the place, like address, what types of band, or bands that played there, etc. Photos if you have any. I need something to make a page for them, not just to be on the list. Doug Taylor – Admin

      • Wayne says:

        Shula’s 31 Bowl was at 2732 S 11th st. In Niles. Unfortunately, Shula’s closed in the mid 70’s. According to this web page, https://www.leaderpub.com/2004/04/14/shula039s-making-a-comeback/ it was reopened in 2004 under a new name. However, I don’t believe that they kept the stage and the dance floor.

        My recollection of Shula’s is that it was a college student hangout, since it was not too far from Notre Dame University. The music was always rock and roll. Chopper usually included some Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago in their lineup. The only other band that I can remember playing at Shula’s is MSFunk.

        By the way, expecting to see Edgar Struble’s name in the credits for tonight’s ACM awards.


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