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Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos

Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos will be Available on an advanced order only.

Arrangements are being worked out as this is posted, so check back soon, for more information on the Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos.

Video is being shot both days by Dan Salas, a professional videotographer. Dan was Dick Evan’s cameraman for Channel 8’s “On the Road” for 16 years. Again he is an outside vendor, not connected to the Reunion Concert, but sponsored by them. Dan will make a Professional DVD about the Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert that he will edit into a nice Commemorative Professionally done DVD. Orders will be paid for at the Concert, then it will be edited/produced at Dan’s studio and delivered to you a few weeks later. This would also make a nice gift for the person that can not make the concert for what ever reason.

You can order your videos from Dan Salas directly by calling his studio (616) 887-3659, or e-mailing him at: vvpds@chartermi.net  $15.00 each, two for $25.00 with about a 3 week delivery time.

T-Shirts will be supplied by an outside vendor, not connected to the Reunion Concert, but sponsored by them. Our specific arrangement with them is strictly to have a T-Shirt made available for memorabilia. You can order a T-Shirt in advance and either pick it up at Brickhouse Apparel Co. Attn: Craig Hankis, or pick it up at the concert. You can also order it at the concert and be on a first order, first served basis, as Craig’s company is only a few blocks away from the Riverfront Hotel and will be delivered timely.

T-Shirts are $10.00 each, or two for $15.00.

You can order your T-shirt from Craig by calling him at Brickhouse Apparel Co. at (616) 745-2838, or e-mail him at: Craig@brickhouseapparel.com

These would be a great gifts for somebody that cannot make the concert.

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert T-Shirts - Green or Pink

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert T-Shirts – Green or Pink





2 Responses to Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos

  1. How do you buy advance tickets. The link sent me here. Do I go to the bar to buy them?

    • admin says:

      Ticket Outlets:
      (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

      Riverfront Hotel
      270 Ann Street NW
      Grand Rapids, MI, 49504

      Sullivan’s Carpet
      1860 28th Street, SE
      Grand Rapids, MI
      (616) 243-8066

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