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Cottage Bar

18 LaGrave S.E. Grand Rapids

The Cottage Bar circa 1940. Still in the same location at 18 LaGrave SE

The Cottage Bar circa 1940. Still in the same location at 18 LaGrave SE

The History of Cottage Bar & Restaurant “Evolving since 1927”

“THE COTTAGE” was first opened in 1927 by Earl and Marie Coon. Originally it was a sandwich shop that catered to the surrounding factories. Sometimes the orders were from 200 to 300 burgers at a time. The Coon’s kept Grand Rapids in burgers right through
prohibition. When the 18th Amendment was repealed in 1933, they obtained a license to sell beer and wine. Then, in 1934, they obtained a license to also sell liquor and became, “The Olde Cottage Bar and Grill.” Business just kept getting better as “The Cottage” became a popular place for businessmen from downtown and reporters from the “Grand Rapids Herald” who enjoyed the warm, friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. In 1952, the Coon’s retired and Peter Varano became the proprietor. The Cottage maintained it’s standard of good food and drinks through the 60’s.

The Cottage Bar & Restaurant

The Cottage Bar & Restaurant

In 1967 John Verhil became the third owner. In the 90’s Dan took over the ownership from his father, and his son , Dan added the 1st “Veggie” Burger in town who also created “The Cottage Burger”, which continues to be Grand Rapids’ “Peoples Choice Best Burger” year after year in both Grand Rapids Magazine & On the Town Magazine.

The interior hasn’t changed much, and most is still intact, including the Art Deco mahogany bar.
We are proud to be the oldest operating bar and restaurant downtown. The Verhil family has maintained a high standard of
quality food and good drinks. EAT, DRINK and ENJOY!



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