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Crazy Horse

Kalamazoo – Mid to late 60’s. (Keystones played there a number of times during that period.)

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  1. Mike Chamberlain says:

    My brother in law was in a band that opened for the Electric Prunes and the Buckingham’s. They were Tramp. We were just trying to remember where the Crazy Horse was.

  2. Vincent J Penar says:

    Rod Wall,(or anyone else with knowledge of this song), I noted that you played in the “House Band” at the “Crazy Horse”. I remember there being a record cut called “Crazy Horse” that was played several times that I attended do you know anything about that. And if so is it still available anywhere.

    Thanks Vince

  3. Rod Wall says:

    Well, I also have great memories there. I’m Rod Wall drummer then in a band Called ” Rock Candy ” and Also a band ” The Grapes of Wrath ” . Along with Bob Nelson on lead guitar and Kurt Radabaugh on Bass Guitar. Also included was Stan Williams on lead guitar. We were like a House Band. We were included in almost all the main Jams there. We played with Brownsville Station Several times as well as the Frost. One time we were supposed to play with Mitch Rider, he was Sick that Day so a guy named Alice Cooper subbed for him. He used our P.A. instead of dragging there’s up the long stairway. We played with the Caste and the Sunday Funnies, SRC, Wilson Mower Persuit. ALL The great bands. One thing pretty cool was we were booked at the time by Dave Branch & Larry and Carol Hapner then the CoOwners of the Crazy Horse. When we were Managed by Larry and Carol they trusted to give us a Key to the place. We practiced all the time there late into the night. Very Cool. We also got to play for many Party’s there. GOOD Memories.

  4. Patti Ross says:

    Not mrc but mc5.

  5. Patti Ross says:

    I remember going there with a bunch of girlfriends from portage northern high school. I saw ted nugent play when it was his first album i’m not a juvenile delinquent. he threw free albums into the audience. we didn’t like him because we had heard he was very conceited person. but I have to admit, he could play a mean guitar. we also did some line dancing there. it was a great place because we were out in the country and we could make as much noise as we wanted, and boy the bands did just that. MRC was there.

    • neil e dale says:

      OMG Patti Ross ? how are you ? sure you remember me Neil Dale yea we used to go to crazy horse all the time ! awesome memories ! have thought about you over the years ! e mail me sometime ! weren’t you roomates w/ Jessica courtier (SP? ) your dad got me a job at that factory ! had such good times w/ all the music at the crazy horse ! ndale1000@gmail.com

  6. JIM CAMP says:

    I remember seeing Rotary Connection with Minnie Riperton, then Bob Seger play the Crazy Horse. also local bands beside the Keystones included “1984” and the Rock Garden. It was a big old barn and a great place to have a good time. I wish I could remember more bands that played there. Anybody remember Harrison Bull’s The “Summer Place” also in Portage. I recall seeing “The Association” play there

    • Neita Chamberline says:

      Yes! I was at that outdoor concert at Summer Place, which was the old Ramona Palace Dance Hall of the 1940’s Big Band era…I remember how hot that place was inside, but man alive did we have a blast there! I went to school with Dick Carlson, one of the founding members of the Keystones. He taught me how to slow dance in 9th grade! And one of my “besties” back then was Seger’s keyboard/backup vocalist, Danny Watson. MAN could that boy sing and play! Danny used to come to our house and play “My Girl” for my mom and sing it to her. Whenever I was at his house early mornings, his mom made us this fantastic oatmeal concoction for breakfast. I almost LIVED at the Crazy Horse. I hung with Brownsville Station and Dick Wagner and the Frost. “Uncle Dickie” was one of the most amazing axemen I’ve ever seen, and he went on to become Alice Cooper’s songwriter and lead guitarist. Saw Kenny Rogers and 1st Edition at the Horse, as well as loads of local bands like Keystones, Caste, the Tiers, etc. Also saw Electric Prunes there, and of course our Michigan people like MC5, the Bob Seger System, Frost, soooooo many really good times there. That place was MY place, along with Summer Place.

    • Debbie ( Cole) Phillips says:

      I spent many a weekend at the Crazy Horse and The Summer Place.My brother Ralph Cole played for the HitchHikers and Thyme and played at both places. Miss the Crazy Horse!! Jim are you the drummer that played with Don Bassey and Greg Steele?

      • JIM CAMP says:

        DEAREST DEBBIE, yes mam, “1984” was Don Bassey,(bass-vocals) George Voss (keyboards) Jim Camp (drums) Greg Steele played lead guitar and at other times Dave Edel or Lorne Eaton. Greg was one of the good guys,and the good guy’s are loved by everyone! I enjoyed our visit at PNHS reunion (88′?)another this year in Sept.I remember Ralph,he was one of best. Drummer Eddie Linenthal (The Monuments then Tyme) was a friend of mine back then 67’thru 71″ more later Deb,I’m at work. 911 operator/dispatcher Cameron,tx PD

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