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D-J’s Lounge

1740 28th Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan (James M. Gibfried owner) (Year est. 1974 until 2013?)

D-J's Lounge Sign

D-J’s Lounge Sign

Originally it was a Top Cat Fast Food Restaurant? It was Tom Boy Hamburgers originally, evolving into Top Boy Hamburgers (saved money by not changing the sign too much). The outside sign was repurposed from the buildings first incarnation as Top Boy? Hamburgers. Jim also owned for Big Boy Beer and Burger Grand Rapids Eats and Treats that became Sensations. D-J’s was named such for the early partnership of Denny and Jim. The ‘D was Denny Patterson and ‘J was Jim Gibfried, both D&J taught at CC. It was a hopping spot.

D-J's the window sign from inside

D-J’s the window sign from inside

When the indoor sign was installed, Don’t know where Jim got it but he used to go to a lot of sales and auctions of bar and restaurant equipment. He owned the Cascade Inn for a time too and a fast food burger joint in Caledonia.

D-J's Lounge back door

D-J’s Lounge back door

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