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Dan Reilly

Tetrad – (Keyboards, vocals)

Dan Reilly, keyboards and vocalist, is a native of the Grand Rapids area and received his Bachelor’s Degree in music from Aquinas College in 1988. Since then he has played professionally over 20 years at more than 500 gigs right here in West Michigan with a myriad of different bands including, The Gordon Thayer Band, Thunder Road, Driver Crazy, The Hound Dogs, Desert Horse, Hot Damn, Kik’n Country, Stolen Horses, Tom Woods, Mike & Gordy Howed, Ed Powers, Katzenjammer, and Hazy Past. He has also participated in recordings with Jimmy Stagger and many others. From jazz quartets to country rock bands to all original projects, Dan continues to play live and make recordings with an unbridled passion for music and the keyboard. Peace, Love, & Bell-bottoms!

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