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Dave Sikkema

4 Responses to Dave Sikkema

  1. Julie says:

    The drummer Aaron lived two doors down from us, they would practice on the porch and lots of people came out to listen. Only one way down the street complained. I heard them at the Central talent show i was too young to go see them at a show mom said.?!

  2. Lainie says:

    Wow, I remember him he was (is?) tall dark and handsome. I tried to get his attention in school but nothing happened (two grades behind). My friends and I would listen to them practice in a house on Fulton and we liked the music too.

  3. Gib Sitoh says:

    Dave was backup vocals/lead guitar in The Cyclones band from about ’65-’69. He was about six and a half feet tall and played a short scale gold metalflake guitar for effect. Cute. I remember “Jolly Green Giant” at the Guest House. Funny.

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