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Dave Stover

Last Train Out – (Drums)

Dave Stover-Drums

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

Hide the children.

Secure the breakables.

Dave Stover is rollin’ in to town with Last Train Out.

Stover is a player of rare caliber and has been driving home grooves for over 30 years in the south west Michigan area. A cagey veteran of the rock scene, his transition to country has been seamless due to his “musician first’ mentality. Quads to shuffles, no problem…it still requires the chest pounding kick of the bass drum, the crack of the snare, and impeccable timing, and Stover is relentless in his delivery. And of course, some of that arena rock showmanship shows up on game day to make the musical experience complete.

Stover’s resume is brimming with not only some of the finest local talent, but also some more mainstream players such as Ted Nugent.

When you hear and see Last Train Out, you will quickly realize who brings the coal on this high energy locomotive.



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