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David Homer

Seventh Son, Johnny Apollo, Guinness Brothers (Bass, vocals)

Hey, everyone, let me introduce myself.. I’m 56, been playing bass since high school, been building my own rigs since college…lol.. Originally from the Lansing area, attended Western, met a gal on a gig, got married, settled in the Kalamazoo area.. Veteran of many bands in the area, the most prominent ones include Seventh Son, Johnny Apollo, and 3 glorious years with the Guinness Brothers. Over the past 6 years however, real life and a reasonable-paying real job has kept me on the musical sidelines. Not being able to play has just about become unacceptable, and I have been searching hard to find more musician-friendly employment. Most of you know I also have a home-based enterprise building arguably the finest bass cabs on the planet. Have shipped nation and world-wide, looking to get established here.. www.gigmaster.biz

Website: http://www.gigmaster.biz

E-mail: david.homer.12@facebook.com

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