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Denise Brown

Last Train Out – (Lead vocals, keyboards)

Denise Brown

Denise Brown-Vocals and Keys

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

When you go to see LTO for the first time, it won’t be hard to recognize their talented lead vocalist.

In fact, you may have a tough time looking at anyone else.

The ultimate treat for the ears and eyes, Denise Brown raises the bar on sight and sound. Although a veritable babe in terms of years in the industry, she rips through tunes like a savvy veteran twice her age, exuding sultry in each emotionally charged lyric.

Commanding center stage for all the right reasons, Brown has quickly become recognized as one of the most talented and engaging leading ladies in the music scene. With Grand Canyon wide range and a motor that just won’t quit, fans of LTO have come to appreciate the dynamic she brings to the talented line-up.

From country classics, to throaty rockers, to dazzling LTO originals, Brown lights up the stage with her own special brand of energy.



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