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Dick’s Lakeside Inn

Was on the South side of Big Crooked Lake

3 Responses to Dick’s Lakeside Inn

  1. Patty Wagner Kidder says:

    Many years ago I used to hang out at the bar that was my dad’s favorite place to go on a Friday is there any night. As a teenager I love to go there and dance I had very fond memories of that place and the bands that they were having at the time.

  2. Ed Buchanan says:

    Dick’s Lakeside Inn was on Big Crooked Lake, very near Murray Lake.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ed,

      I knew it was one of those lakes, is why I put a ? after it. I should know as my family is from out in Gratton and I use to go there all the time on Sundays, as GR was dry on Sundays back then. It was a fun place to go.

      Doug Taylor

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