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Dick Wagner – Obituary

Dick Wagner, from Saginaw. Founder of Michigan groups The Bossmen and The Frost, also formed Ursa Major in New York, the original line-up included Billy Joel on keyboards and Rick Mangone on drums.

Dick Wagner - Rolling Stone Music

Dick Wagner – Rolling Stone Music

Another obituary. In 1973, along with guitarist Steve Hunter, he recorded the Lou Reed album “Rock & Roll Animal”. In 1974 he joined up with Alice Cooper. Wagner played guitar and also co-wrote many tunes with Alice. An incredible guitarist, writer, producer…and a wonderful person. Rock on Mr. Wagner. (RIP July 30, 2014) Ed Buchanan

Dick Wagner/www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com


Rolling Stone Music/Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner, Guitarist for Alice Cooper and Lou Reed, Dead at 71 – Rolling Stone Music

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Alice Cooper Pays Tribute to ‘Irreplaceable’ Guitarist Dick Wagner


Wikipedia, Dick Wagner


Dick Wagner, Guitarist for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed & More, Dies at 71 – Billboard


Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner in 2014 - Photo provided by Alice Cooper Facebook page

Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner in 2014 – Photo provided by Alice Cooper Facebook page

Guitarist Dick Wagner of FROST, on stage at Wild Wednesday concert, Davison, Michigan near Flint in 1969.

Guitarist Dick Wagner of FROST, on stage at Wild Wednesday concert, Davison, Michigan near Flint in 1969.

The Frost – Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame:


Dick Wagner – Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame


Dick Wagner producing Tonto and The Renegades‘ 2nd single at Dave Kalmbach’s Great Lakes Recording Studio in Sparta. 1967 c.


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Induct Dick Wagner Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

His work in groups as a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter (The Bossmen, The Frost, Ursa Major, Lou Reed,…

FS ~ 7/31/2014 – 8/11/2014

3 Responses to Dick Wagner – Obituary

  1. Charles J Gibson says:

    Back in the late 60’s, a bunch of us Greenville rock musicians (Larry Staffen, Lee Baldridge, Jeff Russel, myself, and (I think couple more maybe) drove down to the old Civic Theater in Grand Rapids to hear a concert there. Featured were Bob Seeger, SCR, Dick Wagner and Frost….and maybe another?. While the acoustics in that place were terrible, what I remember most was Dick Wagner’s searing & soulful guitar playing. It was unforgettable.

  2. Tom Kirby says:

    Farewell to you Dick, my old friend of nearly five decades. You may be gone from us, but you will never be forgotten. You are gone from us in the physical realm, but your spirit resides in our hearts. We are still bound to this earth while you have been set free from those bindings. Free from all pain. Free of physical limitations. And you have been transformed back into the vigorous young man I met, but now also possessing all the talents honed to perfection over the years, experiences of a gifted musician and the freedom to share your gifts with the angels. I ask that you allow me to mourn, but for only a short time. Then let us all rejoice in the life you lived, the music that will be with us whenever we need you, the heart you so generously shared with us through your guitar and the soul you bared for us in your words. You so artfully expressed the rhythm of life through music and lyrics that will sustain me until we meet again. You were a Star here on this earth and now are also a Star in the heavens I can watch playing to the angels every time I look up. But, until it is my time to join you “I Might As Well Be On Mars”
    Tom Kirby

  3. I just talked to Dick on June 20th, he called me to give me an update on his page on this Website. He said that Sue Michelson, his personal manager was waiting for my call to assist me. I got off the phone with him and checked my e-mail, Sue had loaded me up with the Mother Load. Rare Youtube stuff, like Interview with Alice Cooper back in 1974. I turned all of it over to my partner Kim Rush who is better than me at this. Kim Rush I hope you followed through. (RIP Dick Wagner) You will be missed!!! Regards, Doug Taylor

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