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Drew Thompson

Broke “n” Thirsty, Electrik Toyz (formerly Conspiracy Theory), LHF – (Bass, vocals)

I had been kind of a journeyman bassist in way too many bands to mention in the San Francisco Bay area throughout the 1990s. I moved to Michigan in fall 2000 and married. My musical career, as it were, went on hiatus until July 2007, when I formed a start up band with Thomas Bishop (that’s one guy you’ll want to get a hold of) and John Burdick. This project was short lived. In October ’07, I joined Broke ‘n’ Thirsty out of the Croton dam area. In August ’09 I left BNT due mostly to management issues (we weren’t getting a whole lot of paying gigs), and I had been slated to become the new bassist for Guilty Pleasure out of Muskegon. At this time, I was introduced to Conspiracy Theory (turned into Electrik Toyz) and was told (on the sly, as usual) that they were thinking strongly about replacing their bass player. Having seen both bands in action, I decided my best option was the Conspiracy Theory gig.

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