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Ed Buchanan Sale

Attention: Uncle Buck / Ed Buchanan fans and friends and everyone else, for those of you that have not heard, Ed passed away on 6-28-2018 and Kitty, Ed’s surviving partner will be having a SECOND DAY of her yard sale THIS COMING SATURDAY from 9a to 5p at 3135 FULLER NE (Just North off Plainfield – dead end street – last house on the left). Still much left to sell.
She messaged me last night to say there will be the “end of the alphabet” regarding LP’s that weren’t put out last week because of space. Also, some 45’s, additional CD’s, DVD’s, Baseball caps, Hawaiian shirts, man-cave type signs and posters, some board games etc. will again all be up for grabs.
(Regarding the vinyl: not really for purists. Ed didn’t always use extreme care when listening to his records, so checking condition before you buy is recommended).
So, if you didn’t get a chance to go last week, this Saturday is your last chance to go. Plus, it will be a bright warm sunny day.
Again, she says “Thank you all SO much. Everyone is really helping me out!” 

Aris Peter Hampers

Ed Buchanan and Aris Peter Hampers April 1973 the start of WLAV-FM (8pm-4am)














FS~ 9/13/2018

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