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I left my home of Grand Rapids, Michigan for Kansas City, and the Starlight Opera Summer Season. I earned my Equity card right out of the starting gate, and traveled to Chicago, Edgewater Beach Hotel. There, my love of the songs of Broadway inspired me to start a three year stint with the Hits of Broadway which traveled all over U.S. featuring a four girl — four guy, singing & dancing Broadway Show songs revue.

Then I ventured to New York, and Jones Beach, performing two seasons with Guy Lombardo, Louis Armstrong and Joel Grey in Mardi Gras. My success lead to Manhattan and Hello Dolly on Broadway with Ginger Rogers, Martha Raye, and a national tour of Hello Dolly with Betty Grable.

Returning to Kansas City, I performed in Music Man with Robert Preston, Bye Bye Birdie with Brenda Lee, and worked as understudy for her part. also while in Kansas City performed on the Carol Burnett Show, then on tour with summer stock performances of, Bye Bye Birdie, and The Fantastiks.

Oh, one more major bit of info concerning my career over the years. This one seems to have followed me right to the present time. Which is not a bad thing, because I really think it causes people to think. In 1971 I did the part of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar. I was part of a 12 piece band that had the piece adapted for us specifically. It really took off in the Midwest and some parts of the East coast and in a word, put me on the map as far as my career in Michigan went. To this day I still get requests for Mary’s song “I Don’t Know How To Love Him. (click here to hear song) I loved doing the show and also all the pros and cons concerning it. Anything that causes audiences to question what they are being confronted with and makes them think and feel is a VERY GOOD THING . So when people ask me what is my “favorite song”…I would have to say “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”. It really was quite an amazing experience….and has caused me to delve into my own Truths. Art has a funny way of doing that.

After touring throughout the United States, and the Caribbean, I decided that I wanted to have a family and returned to my home in Grand Rapids. I Married to a terrific drummer, together we had our own group and worked all around the southwestern Michigan area, including many benefits for the City etc. etc.

With my knowledge of singing, I began teaching voice and performing on the weekends while our two boys were growing up. I became very involved in the church musically, and became very prominent in that arena ..recording four gospel albums. We would go out every Sunday evening and do the evening Church services as a family for about ten years.

The music was a vehicle for the message. and interestingly enough. the message is still the same.. semantics is a trap. It’s awesome how people respond to the Truth. That’s because it is the Truth.

So my Purpose is to help people know….all they need to know about who they really are and how awesome we all are and that no walls need to be there to keep us apart ….walls are a LIE.

With music I can put that Truth in there through the “feeling.” Performing enables me to put Truth out there in such a way that it helps, heals, brings Joy…not harm.

I am who I AM when EYE SING.

To me music is the Sound that carries LIFE. HARMONY….

In different configurations ..coming together,

Blending …Becoming more ..Birthing

Creativity over and over again …Infinitely.

What a beautiful song we all are!!!!!


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