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Fatt Lapp Blues Band

Grand Rapids

Band Members:

  • Craig Hunnicut (Drums)
  • Ed Hunnicut (Guitar, keyboards)
  • Tommy Davis (Drums)
  • Sam “Asuma” Johnson (Bass, all vocals)
  • Mike Howe Sr. (Guitar)
  • Mike Howe Jr. (Guitar)

2 Responses to Fatt Lapp Blues Band

  1. Annemarie Marti says:

    Hi–I saw this band several years back in Saugatuck in the garden behind a little coffee shop~~just walking down the street and heard their sound and was draw like a moth to a flame and did not leave until they did. It was a magical night. When do you hear blues that good? Sadly, not so often. Also sadly, I have not been able to find any kind of web presence (I keep trying and found this today) or schedule of performances. I live in NW Indiana but would make a road trip to see this band. Could you point me to a list of gig dates or to someone in the band who could keep me posted on their tour dates. Thanks so much~~Annemarie

    • admin says:

      Annemarie, My website partner (Kim Rush) knows a few of these band members, I’ll forward this comment on to him and maybe he can set you up with some dates. I know the drummer Tommy Davis and I don’t believe he is drumming for them now. Regards, Admin. Doug Taylor

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