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February 18, 1964

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(Day 13) Kingtones Memoirs

February 18, 1964 (Tuesday)

We got up about 9:00 A.M.  We ate a quick breakfast and headed out to audition for the two clubs that Phil and Bob stopped at yesterday. We arrived at the Peppermint Lounge and asked where they would like us to set up for the audition. They said that they already had a band that would come back in two weeks. This was not good news. We needed a job NOW! Not in two weeks. We were hoping to be playing at Porky’s in two weeks. We left there and went to our second possibility, The Castaway. When we arrived they told us that they were in a dispute with the local musician’s union, and couldn’t hire bands until it was settled. They told is to “call back in a couple of days.” So what started out as hope and success, turned out to be despair and failure.

Since the two try outs were not going to happen, I went on several errands. I first went to the post office to mail my portrait to Chick. I figured that even though it wasn’t very good she would probably still like it. My next stop was to take the “crappy” peanut butter back. They gave me a refund without any questions. The third, and most important errand, was to go rent a television set. I had called two TV rental places earlier and got prices of $30.00 and $28.00 a month. As I started to drive to these stores, I saw a another that was real close to our apartment.  It was advertising TV’s for  rent, so I stopped. They wanted $24.00 a month…. it was a done deal.

When I got back with the television, I was expecting a “hero’s welcome” …(like)……”let’s hear it for Bruce; he got us a TV set… yeah!” Instead, I got bitched at for paying too much for the rental. “How come you only got a 19 inch screen?” Bitch, complain, criticize, whine.  I got mad! The apartment looked like a pigsty. I started yelling that I wanted the place cleaned up NOW! The boys knew I was mad, so they reluctantly helped clean it up. We hooked up the TV, and as the boys became mesmerized by the picture tube, I fixed supper.

We finally figured out what was wrong with Mike. He had the measles. His sister came down with them just before we left for Florida. Mike had never had them before, so now it was his turn. The four of us thought we had the measles when we were younger, but we were not sure. So we did our best to stay away from him. We thought about taking him to a doctor, or even the hospital, but since we were about broke, we just let the disease run its course.

My mother called me today. She said my Uncle Neil, who lived in Florida, had passed away. She and my Dad were going to come to Florida for the funeral.

We were really low on money now. We had $22.00 left in the kitty. We needed a job badly. Pete, Bob, Phil and I were basically still healthy. Mike, of course, was sick. Tension was at an all time high.


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