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February 24, 1964

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(Day 19) Kingtones Memoirs

February 24, 1964 (Monday)

We woke up during the middle of the night because our water heater blew up. There was water all over the floor. We quickly shut the water off, mopped up the floor, and went back to bed. We got up at 12:30 P.M. I made pancakes for breakfast, without any eggs. I had to use our electric frying pan because our stove was broken. After breakfast, we went and told the landlord that we had no gas to cook with and no hot water to wash with. He came over and fixed them both.

We were waiting anxiously for the mailman to come. We had called the Grand Rapids Musicians Union, and they were going to send us contracts immediately. We were hoping that we would get them that same day. The contracts did arrive that day, along with two letters from Chick. I was more thrilled by receiving two letters from Chick than I was about getting the contracts, though.

It was another beautiful day outside, with the sun shining and the temperature at 75 degrees. We went to Porky’s to talk to him about our plan.  If he liked the idea, and was willing to go along with it, we would give him the contracts to sign.

When we got there, Porky was talking to some band from Indiana. They were going to start playing that night, because he didn’t dare start us yet. He was afraid of the union sanctions that might be placed on his club if he would let us play. We told him about our plan and showed him the contract. He liked the idea and told us to come back Wednesday and we would discuss our pay and the hours we would be playing. He said that we could probably start in a week. We told him that we wanted to know by Wednesday if we were going to start for sure, by March 2.  If we were not starting by then, we were packing up and going back to Michigan.

We left Porky’s and returned to our apartment. I made supper. I liked to experiment with different foods from time to time, to help break up the monotony of cooking. That night we were going to have corn beef hash mixed with tomato soup. I have to admit, it didn’t look very good, but it actually tasted OK. After dinner we watched TV. I tried to call Chick, but her mother said she had gone roller skating. I sure missed her. We finally decided that we couldn’t stand TV anymore so we went to the show.

After the movie, we went back to Porky’s. We wanted to hear what our competition sounded like. They were a decent band, but we felt that we were much better. We were all healthy but still not getting along very well. We had way too much time on our hands, and continued to get on each others nerves.



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