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Manistee – 1965 – Jim Toczynski (Keyboard) Dan Hansen (RIP) (Guitar, vocals)
Jay Fortier (Guitar, vocals) Don Pelarski (Bass) Bob Doleys (Drums)

We used the name “The Fendermen” because we were proud of our all-Fender guitar line-up, but changed the name when the “other” Fendermen had a hit with “Mule Skinner Blues” about the same time.

Fendermen – 1965 (L-R) Jim Toczynski, Dan Hansen (RIP), Jay Fortier, Don Pelarski, Bob Doleys

This photo was a manipulated-color job that did not scan too well. Don Pelarski is holding the ’63 Fender Jazz Bass (when it was pretty) that I bought from him in ’66, and still play today. It is very battle-scarred now! We started to add vocals to our instrumental repertoire at this time. One of the first songs that Dan and I sang together was “Walk Right Back” by the Everly Brothers.

“The Fendermen”, May ’66 (L-R): Dan Hansen (RIP), Jay Fortier, Don Pelarski, Jim Toczynski, Bob Doleys








The Fendermen in '65 Ed Gilbert, Jay Fortier, Dan Hansen (RIP), Bob Doleys. (Dan is playing my first electric guitar, a '61 Gibson Melody Maker...wish I still had it!)

The Fendermen in ’65 Ed Gilbert, Jay Fortier, Dan Hansen (RIP), Bob Doleys. (Dan is playing my first electric guitar, a ’61 Gibson Melody Maker…wish I still had it!)


3 Responses to Fendermen

  1. Jeff Toczynski says:

    Too Jim Toczynski,
    My family lived in Toledo Ohio in the 1960’s. Moved to California in 1970. I’m also a musician ( I play Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute). Not sure if we are related. Send me a email if this reaches you!
    Best Regards,
    Jeff Toczynski

    • Jim Toczynski says:

      Wow, this is so cool. While I don’t think we are related, I have been aware of your career for many years, ever since I googled “Toczynski” just to see how uncommon (or not!) it really was.
      I was thrilled to come across you. I am a huge Beatles fan, and have seen quite a few of the tribute bands. I believe you have been in more than one, maybe I saw even saw you perform live (and I have certainly seen web clips).
      I don’t know if we are related, kind of doubt it. Don’t really know a lot of family history either, though I believe my great grandfather had a farm in the Manistee area.
      By the way, are you aware of the stand-up comic from Washington DC, Zach Toczynski?
      So what are you up to now? Still playing?
      I play piano at the local nursing homes once a month, and also played at a restaurant here in Manistee, until they closed.
      Take care, and drop me a line if you can. It was so cool to hear from you. I must thank my bandmate Jay Fortier, who pointed out your comment, otherwise I probably would never have seen it. Thanks again for trying to contact me.

    • Jim Toczynski says:

      Hey Jeff. Here’s my email address if you can reply.
      Yours was not evident on the web site where you commented, though I suppose if I don’t hear back from you, I will try to find it. Take care/

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