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Manistee – 1965 – Jim Toczynski (Keyboard) Dan Hansen (RIP) (Guitar, vocals)
Jay Fortier (Guitar, vocals) Don Pelarski (Bass) Bob Doleys (Drums)

We used the name “The Fendermen” because we were proud of our all-Fender guitar line-up, but changed the name when the “other” Fendermen had a hit with “Mule Skinner Blues” about the same time.

Fendermen - 1965 (L-R) Jim Toczynski, Dan Hansen (RIP), Jay Fortier, Don Pelarski, Bob Doleys

This photo was a manipulated-color job that did not scan too well. Don Pelarski is holding the ’63 Fender Jazz Bass (when it was pretty) that I bought from him in ’66, and still play today. It is very battle-scarred now! We started to add vocals to our instrumental repertoire at this time. One of the first songs that Dan and I sang together was “Walk Right Back” by the Everly Brothers.






"The Fendermen", May '66 (L-R): Dan Hansen (RIP), Jay Fortier, Don Pelarski, Jim Toczynski, Bob Doleys

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