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Frank Merlotti Jr.

Bobby Charles Band – (Drums)

New Detroit - Bobby Charles Band

1970, A group called “New Detroit” We played in Detroit quite a bit.   Note: on the bottom left is Frank Merlotti Jr. on drums.  He followed in his Father’s footsteps and has been President of Steelcase for quite a few years now.  Most of the young horn players joined the group right out of college.  Since I was a high school dropout, I always thought it important to surround myself with educated people. The little guy on the bottom right is Greg Hopkins.   Greg wrote most of the charts for the band.  After he left the band, he went with Buddy Rich for 3 1/2 years.  ( I guess that was a record since Buddy Rich was known to be a real ass to work for)  When Greg left Buddy Rich he became a professor at The Berkley School of Music in Boston, and has been there most of his life.  Jerry Kalber was on Sax  and went to Disney World after he left the band.  Dave Diefendorf on Trombone.. His Brother became Principle of Jenison High School.









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