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Fruitport Pavilion

Fruitport  – On the very North side of Spring Lake. It burned down around 1960. They had a R.R. Station there and the Interurban had an Interurban Barn right around the corner from the pavilion.

Buddy Holly Played there July 10, 1958.

Fruitport Pavilion

Fruitport Pavilion



Fruitport Station

Fruitport Station





4 Responses to Fruitport Pavilion

  1. Jo-Lynn DeYoung says:

    The Fruitport Pavilion burned down, early in the morning of January 4, 1963. Not in 1960.

  2. Mark Steuer says:

    I am doing research on Buddy Holly’s concert dates in the Muskegon MI area. The 1958 Summer Dance Party lists July 6, 1958 as the date. I also hear that July 10, 1958 is listed. Are there accurate sources that I can rely on here? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      The ad says “Coming Thursday July 10 In Person Buddy Morrow” I bet this ad was July 5th, as its says “Tomorrow at 9:00 pm In Person Buddy Holly” Which was July 6th, 1958 which corresponds with your Summer Dance Party List. Could we get a copy of that List, Sounds interesting. Doug Taylor – Admin

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