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2 Responses to Galaxies

  1. Jim says:

    Before the Galaxies, Ev & Viv Hill became well known in Holland they played in the lower level of a Jazz pub in Saugatuck called the Blue Tempo in the days when it was family friendly. Oliver Peltonen played saxophone for them at that time. The Galaxies were the first band to play at the new Stardust lounge on west Fulton in the middle to late 60’s, at that time one of the premier clubs in the area.

  2. James(Willie) Minier says:

    Viv Hill=guitar. Ev Hill=Cordovox,vocals.Merel(Merk) Human=sax.vocals. Fritz Veltheuis=Drums,vocals, replaced by Ty Hackney=drums. Willie Minier=Sax,vocals replaced by Al Bischoff=sax,harp,vocals. Fred(Fritz) Lyons=brass,vocals.

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