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Great Northern Music Hall

Grand Rapids – 1950 South Division Ave. just North of Burton St. on the East side of Division.

The Great Northern Music Hall in the 70's after it was the 4 Star Theater

The Great Northern Music Hall in the 70’s after it was the 4 Star Theater


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Great Northern Music Hall - 1982 Concert Promotional Poster

Great Northern Music Hall – 1982 Concert Promotional Poster

13 Responses to Great Northern Music Hall

  1. SteveQ says:

    I believe the first concert was Rick Derringer, I lived 2 houses away from the once “Four Star Theater” that was turned into The Great American Music Hall. I could hear the concerts from my bedroom window. It was my neighborhood.

  2. Fred Bliss says:

    I remember that show well also. It was my first concert ever, and it was on December 13th, on my 18th Birthday. I saw Joe Perry there as well, but the venue closed shortly thereafter if I recall correctly. What good times.

    • Bill Newton says:

      Hello Bliss, I think I might have been there but my memory is not cooperating,lol.Did someone open ? Thanks,Bill

  3. Douglas Smith says:

    I was at the Molly Hatchet concert in December of 1979. Yes, to this day it ranks as the loudest I ever attended. My ears were three days recovering. I do remember it well. They were incredible with Danny Joe Brown on the “Flirtin With Disaster” tour. Smokin hot. WLAV broadcast it live and I was able to capture the first four songs on my cassette machine at home that was on a timer. I still have the tape. What great memories. I drove the building the other day. Pretty rough now, falling into a state of disrepair. Those were the days!

    • scott kenerson says:

      I have the full show…I was at WMU at the time

    • Bill Newton says:

      Hello Doug, I was there also.I incredible concert indeed,do you still have the recording or pics ? Thanks,Bill

      • Douglas Smith says:

        Hi Bill,
        I have the tape somewhere, buried in the basement. I have seen the entire show come up for sale on ebay on CD. No pictures, would love see some if they exist. I also have an original poster I took down from a telephone pole the day after the concert. Quite generic but from the day!

  4. mike carlson says:

    I have tried to think of the name of this place for years. I think the first show after they re-furbished it and turned it into Great Northern was Molly Hatchett and Head East. Absolutely mobbed, and probably the loudest show I have ever seen. Alas, the only show I think I ever saw there.

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