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Greg Brayton

Blind Mans Bluff (Guitar, vocals) (RIP)
Greg Brayton

Greg Brayton

Greg made chords by reaching over the neck instead of under, he also didn’t use a pick.

To all that remember the band Blind Mans Bluff I am sad to inform you that Greg Brayton the blind man himself passed away this morning. I worked with him and he was my friend. I will never forget him. Our nickname for him was Vi…..put it together with his last name and you will get it.




Gregory Lee Brayton

Gregory Lee Brayton

Greg was born July 23, 1955 in Coldwater, MI to Lee and Helen Jean (Weakly) Brayton. He married Sally A. Culver on August 4, 1979 in Coldwater.

Greg graduated from Coldwater High School in 1973.He studied at the Montreau Music School of Jazz during the summer after graduation before attending 1 year at the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. During high school he was active with the Balladiers, traveling to Europe to perform. Greg was one of the first students with a disability to attend public schools. He achieved things that most people with his disabilities would never think of doing, such as wrestling and playing football. His love of music and great leadership proved him to be a pioneer in the music industry as well. He started The Blind Man’s Bluff band in 1975 and toured throughout the US and Canada. Greg was also one of the first blind musicians to have a recording studio in Michigan. Mr. Brayton had helped with the family business Certified Sand and Gravel and hosted a radio program on ACB Radio for many years. He was inducted into the Coldwater Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Greg Brayton’s Obituary: http://www.obitsforlife.com/obituary/934538/Brayton-Gregory.php

5 Responses to Greg Brayton

  1. Farrel says:

    I saw him in Baltimore and he killed it he sounded like Johnny Winter

  2. Tim Kelly says:

    Will never forget the first time I saw Greg’s band was at the Bavarian Inn during Raft Race weekend. Became a fan instantly and traveled to many different venues to see them in the early 80’s. Became friends with Greg and often played chess until the early morning hours after they performed. He was an incredible person.
    I think of him often and know how much he is missed.
    RIP Greg

  3. Karl Gapske says:

    I am a drummer who knew GREG and saw him perform many shows at the RAFTERS ( Burned Down in the early 80’stages). I never forget him and his band. I had the opportunity to see his studio as well. It was funny when we walked in he said “are the lights on or off.” He was a great talent and will be misses by all of us AGING musicians.

    • Karl, I never got the chance to hear his band “Blind Man’s Bluff”, but from all I’m told they were great and also that he was a very funny man on all levels. I also notice that your not on our musicians list, so please go to this link and follow simple directions on how to submit info, photos, bands you were in, BIOs, stories, etc. on yourself, because that’s how all of these pages get made, unless of course you have passed on like Greg, then we will find what we can on that musician. The website is An Interactive Archival Database for West Michigan Music History, with an special emphasis on Interactive: http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/start-here/
      Admin, Doug Taylor

    • (RIP-Greg) Admin, Doug Taylor

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