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One Response to Gypsy

  1. Mark Bass (Bits 'n' Pieces, among others) says:

    The “Gypsy” I was part of was a trio in the early 80’s. The members were from Kalamazoo, but the band was strictly a Road creation and never did play their home town. Tim and Jill Roberts, a married couple, had been members of Bits ‘n’ Pieces in 1979 -80. They started their trio with Eric Dewey on drums. Jill connected with ACA Talent from Milwaukee (the agency that had represented Bits ‘n’ Pieces). They traveled the Midwest for a year, Eric left, and I replaced him in the Summer of 1981. Gypsy traveled again from September 1981 into June of 1982. We played in many kinds of venues, so the “book” was thick (over 350 songs). We played show tunes, jazz standards, light country, all kinds of pop rock, all the way up to Pat Benetar and Heart. The emphasis was on vocals.

    My wife traveled with us for most of the year, and when the band was done, we returned to Kalamazoo. Tim and Jill moved to Los Angeles so Tim could attend Musician’s Institute.

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