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Lansing – A Progressive Soul Rock Band



A Progressive Soul Rock Band

Lansing, MI

1971 – 1973


Headstoned On Stage


Headstoned” featured Janice Sweet on lead vocals. Janice had performed with Al Green, Edwin Starr, Jr. Walker, and the “Apaches”. She was another Tina Turner in the making. She could work the crowd to the point they were dancing on the tables and would invite dancing couples to come on stage with us. Terry Sloum and Gary Richey came to Headstoned from “Tonto and the Renegades” which is now in the Michigan Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Jim Pickney was just out of high school, but was a highly talented guitar player. So good, we asked him to join even though three of us were nearly ten years older than he was. Bruce Woodhull (stage name Woody Rogers) was the keyboard player and had previously been in the “Saharas” a well known Lansing band. My self, Ken Roggow, was the drummer and had just left “The Sound Revolution” to join “Headstoned”.

We were mainly a bar band performing at The Dells, Coral Gables, Teakwood Lounge, Metro Bowl, Pro Bowl, CD’s, The Stables, as well as many college gigs in Lansing and Mt. Pleasant.

Terry Solcum - Guitar

Terry Solcum – Guitar

Gary Richie - Bass

Gary Richie – Bass

Jim Pickney - Guitar

Jim Pickney – Guitar

Janice Sweet - Lead Vocals

Janice Sweet – Lead Vocals







Ken Roggow - Drums

Ken Roggow – Drums

Bruce Woodhull - Keyboards

Bruce Woodhull – Keyboards








Headstoned” called itself a Progressive Soul Rock Band because we not only did soul music, but we did it with lots of feedback guitar and though the combination of the two created a uniquely different sound. Dynamics was a huge factor in our music. “Headstoned” was quiet while Jan worked the crowd and then we jammed it when the crowd was worked up. Although, as I remember it, “Headstoned” was pretty loud!

Name a few songs from your set list:

Higher, Sing a Simple Song, Respect, Them Changes, Proud Mary, Down by the River, Knock on Wood, Stormy Monday, Born on the Bayou, Evil Ways, Delta Lady, Evil Woman, Freedom, Get Ready, I’m a Man, Please-Please, Eleanor Rigby & Tobacco Road to name a few

Civic Center

Civic Center

Civic Center

Civic Center








Best Gig:

Playing on the main stage at the Lansing Civic Center.

Gig from hell:

I don’t remember where, but I do remember Terry & Gary getting in a fist fight on stage.

Last gig:

The Steinhaus in Lansing, MI.

Equipment used:

Rogers Drums, B-3 Organ with Leslie Speaker, Shure Mics, Sony Recording Equipment, a homemade light show complete with strobe lights (long before light shows were in vogue), and I do not remember what guitar and bass equipment was used.

Rehearsal space:

I had a sound proof studio that I built in my basement. It had a stage and the wall behind the stage had amps and speakers built into it so band members didn’t need to bring their heavy equipment with them to practices. I remember I had to fill the speaker backs with a layer of silica sand to reduce the vibration level as the TV would move across the upstairs floor. Behind the stage wall was a recording room where Lee, our sound man, could tape our sessions. The studio also served as an afterhours gathering place for musicians to jam after their gig was done for the night.

Lee - Sound Man

Lee – Sound Man

Ken Sings

Ken Sings








Band vehicle: 1968 Chevrolet Van.

Chev Van

Chev Van









Band Fashion Statement: Levis, Tank Tops, Leather Pants, Leather Fringed Vest, and a wild Afro on our lead singer.

Terry, Gary & Ken

Terry, Gary & Ken



Janice & Tamborine

Janice & Tamborine








Where are they now?

Terry Slocum spent time in Florida and Tennessee and is now living in Michigan. He was an auto mechanic and has had a very successful career in music. After over forty years I was able to reunite with him and Gary Richey at an event by Fenton Records in Sparta, MI in July of 2015. He is shown with Dick Wagner of the “Frost” who was a mentor to Terry.

Gary Richey now lives in Charlotte, MI and we were able to talk about “Headstoned” at the same Fenton Records event.

Bruce Woodhull (Woody Rogers) is now deceased. While playing in “Headstoned” he was also on the road selling musical instruments to high schools throughout Michigan for Marshall Music. He eventually became vice-president of Marshall Music in Lansing, MI.

Janice Sweet was area manager for Michigan Bell and retired from NCO Financial Systems as training and quality manager in 2012. She has been married since 1977 and has 7 children.

Ken Roggow continued to play professionally for a few years until my job in World Wide Purchasing at General Motors drew me away. I still play on a set of Hart Electracustic Percussion Drums which are a great way to practice without disturbing anyone. For many years I collected and restored Military Vehicles. My organization “Military Manor” would take up to ten vehicles to various air shows and military events throughout Michigan. For many years I was a professional dog sled racer and was third in the U.S in 2007.

I currently own and operate TimberPak video Productions which produces wildlife video from Africa, Alaska, Canada, and the U.S. www.TimberPakVideo.com. I am based just south of Lansing.

*Your email address: TimberPak2003@yahoo.com

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