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Jack’s Shack

Grand Rapids – NE Corner of Monroe and North Division

Jack’s Shack – Records Photo by Matt Weber

Matt Weber post from FaceBook 12-10-2016:

Matt Weber My knowledge of that buildings early history goes back to the mid 50’s when a business called Morrow’s Nut House occupied it, by the late 50’s it became Jack’s Shack Records and I am unclear as to the order of ownership, it was owned by Jack Hoppus, Jack Stack and Tom Quain while operated under that banner. Gerry Dodd eventually owned it until he moved to his address further up Division Ave.

Eric Pott I believe the sign was painted by Paul Collins and Buster

Rev Charles Preston Smith Matt, I lost a bit of the order/time line but that location at 20 NORTH Monroe / Monroe Center was prior to Gerry moving to Division 20 SOUTH in 1980
(Dodds with no apostophe)
There was a location before moving into Jack’s Shack…
As well as 2 Dodds Records in Kalamazoo

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