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Jack’s Web

448 Bridge St. N.W. Grand Rapids (aka Chaol’s 1962 c., Blue Barnacle, Coleman’s Lounge, Jack’s Web opened in September, ’82, closed 2/9/92, J.R. Dillions opened 3/1992, O’Tooles)

Jack's Web

Jack’s Web

Courteous of Tom Olejniczak

Courteous of Tom Olejniczak

Courteous of Tom Olejniczak

Courteous of Tom Olejniczak

Jack’s Web Feb. 9, 1992, right after it folded up and was converted to J.R. Dillions a month later.

Jack’s Web SW corner of Bridge St. and Winter Ave.

Choal’s in 1962. The Western Hotel sat where the Firehouse is today.







I DJ’ed there from 1985 to it’s ‘end’ in Feb., 9, 1992. In fact, I worked the very last night it was open. Fun night as usual but lots of sad people at ‘closing’ time. Tom Olejniczak

My wife, Karen Roberts Sowerby PreFontaine was the bartender to the end. Dick PreFontaine

It’s now O’Tooles.

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  1. Tom Olek says:

    Jack’s Web music format was danceable 1955-1972 era Top 40 music. Very popular format during its 1982-1992 operating era. They EVEN played Grand Rapids ‘local’ hits which was a VERY infrequently heard sub-format in those days! Great place this was with a wonderfully comfortable aura about it.. Had a large and loyal following.

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