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Jim Alfredson


Jim Alfredson


Jim Alfredson – Hammond organ:

Jim Alfredson (Lansing, MI) comes from a musical family. His father earned a living as a professional musician for many years and encouraged Jim’s talents from a very young age. Some of Jim’s earliest memories include pulling on the drawbars of his father’s Hammond B3 at the age of four.

Jim began writing his own songs at the age of eight on a Yamaha organ. A score of synthesizers and multitrack machines followed until he came full circle at sixteen and began lusting after the sound of the Hammond organ once again. Jim has immersed himself in the study of the mighty Hammond B3 ever since, dedicated to uncovering new directions within the deep tradition of the instrument.

For 10 years, Jim served as organist and musical director of the highly successful, award-winning rhythm & blues band Root Doctor (1999 – 2009).

In 2010, Jim joined the touring band for blues singer Janiva Magness. He is on the road most of the year with that band, touring all over the world. He is featured on Ms. Magness’ latest Alligator Records release “Stronger For It“.

“… Jim Alfredson … is a remarkable organist who seamlessly synthesizes several generations of keyboard influences ”
~ Downbeat

When he’s not on the road, Jim lives with his beautiful wife Alison in Lansing, MI. Besides practicing, listening, and performing music, Jim enjoys cooking, home improvement, and spending time with his daughters Zora, Stella, & Scarlett. Jim is also a piano tuner / technician in the Lansing area.

Jim is a Hammond-Suzuki endorsed artist and plays the Hammond XK-3 with the full XK System and the Leslie 3300 on most organissimo gigs. After years of lugging around a real B3, Jim applauds the new Hammond organs not only as back-savers, but extremely flexable instruments that still retain the classic Hammond tonewheel sound. For his shows with Janiva Magness, Jim is using the Hammond SK2.

Jim is also endorsed by Casio and uses their wonderful line of Privia digital pianos on the road with Janiva and organissimo, as well as in his home studio.

And Jim is endorsed by Neo Instruments, makers of the Ventilator rotary speaker simulator. Read his review of the unit here.

In 2009 Jim released a very limited edition solo CD dedicated to the memory of his father called In Memorandom. You can keep up with Jim at his Facebook page.

“… Jim Alfredson is one of the faces of the new millennium’s Jazz renaissance.”
~ Hammondbeat


Jim Alfredson  from Facebook post:

The truth is I cannot release new music at a professional quality without your help. The truth is my bandmates and me make our living as musicians and we don’t have a label or a budget or a rich Florentine patron supporting us. The truth is that all we have is you, fans of great music.

Crowdfunding is often mocked as a hand-out because so many people abuse it. But I don’t see it that way and I don’t abuse it. I know that when you make the decision to use your hard-earned money to support music, you’re doing it because you believe in me, you believe in great music, and you believe in bringing more great music into the world. So I have a duty to respect and fulfill my promises to you and I take pride in doing just that.

In reality, crowdfunding is the only viable way for me to produce new music in the digital age. Why? Because as soon as an album is released… in fact, sometimes even before it is released… it’s available for free on the torrent sites, blogs, YouTube, etc. All it takes is one person to upload it and it’s now available forever for free and there’s nothing I can do about it. Going tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a family to feed and hoping that sales of a new release will allow me to eventually pay off the debt incurred in making it is, to be frank, insane.

So I have to get ‘paid up front’ to make the music. To physically press the CDs (yes, CDs are still viable… most radio stations that play jazz still want a CD), to mix and master the material, to pay the graphic artist and the photographer for their quality and professionalism, to pay the radio promoter and the publicist, the distributor, etc. You know who doesn’t get paid? Me. Or the band. We write and rehearse and record all this music for free. But it costs money to record and release it the right way, the professional way, to our exacting level of quality. I refuse to release an inferior product.

My latest project with organissimo is a tribute to The Beatles done in the Hammond organ jazz trio format. This is great music, arranged and performed by musicians who have spent their entire lives honing their craft. We don’t work day jobs. We do music. That’s what we do.

I have over 3300 friends on this FB page. All I need is 10% of you to participate in the PledgeMusic campaign and we can bring some great music into the world together. Please participate and share.

Let’s do this!

Click here: http://bit.ly/2elcnGU

Happy holidays!
—-Jim Alfredson & organissimo




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