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Johhny Apollo

The Wild Woodys, Johnny Apollo and the Saturn Seven

The Wild Woodys – www.myspace.com/thewildwoodys

To reach him directly: johnnyapollo@comcast.net

I’m posting for a good friend of mine who has been trying very hard to realize his vision.. For over 30 years he has fronted various versions of “Johnny Apollo and the Saturn Seven”, a 50’s show band in the vein of Sha Na Na and Flash Cadillac. Some of you may have seen him at his most recent “music job”, behind the kit for the Wild Woodys. Since that band retired, he has his sights set on reforming “the band” bigger and better than it ever was. He’s looking for musicians and singers who absolutely love the 50’s music, the greased back hair, the period clothing, the choreography, and probably most importantly love putting on a show.. He’s one of the most creative and entertaining guys I know, and the two bands of which I shared the stage with him.. I have to admit it was the most fun I ever had playing music.. As far as gigs go, its not about quantity, its quality. Targeting the car shows and special events, and maybe a club or 2.. He plays guitar, I will likely get the bass job, and I would imagine he’d look for lead guitar, keys, sax, drums.. If you’re a vocalist who’s into the genre, he’d like to hear from you, too Reach him directly: johnnyapollo@comcast.net

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