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John Breen

My first band (The Good Intentions) was on Buckaroo Rodeo in 1964 and I’ve been working ever since so I have a lotta stuff. Here’s what I usually post right now:

Having opened for Boston, Fleetwood Mac, B. B. King, and dozens of other famous acts, John Breen, brings a lifetime of professional experience to bands. West Michigan has heard him sing many times on commercials and an “Addy” was awarded for the Murray Lake Marina jingle.
Bands have included Natural, The Bottom Bros. Blues Band, The Dangles, Cygnus Trio, Invisible Lisa and The Just Jake Band. In the fall of 2010 he had the honor of singing back-up on a short tour with Todd Rundgren. Currently playing bass and keys for the band “Litt Up“, John also teaches voice, keys, bass, and music theory at his home.

3 Responses to John Breen

  1. jeff gathercole says:

    Buckaroo Rodeo! I hadn’t known that!
    The first time I realized the power of music was standing next to you in Choir practice in the 6th grade. You’re the first person I knew who serious about making music. I was supposed to be singing the melody during Joy To The World. But hearing you sing your harmony part, I couldn’t focus on my own. I still remember your part, note for note.
    Later, in high school, after hearing The Good Intentions at an after-game sock hop, I was stunned at how damn good you were. Took me awhile to find my way into it myself ~ and I thank you now. Your voice and music were my first inspiration and realization that (relatively) ‘regular’ folks could play music and be in real bands; and every time I step up to the mic, I remember that.
    Blessin’s and good health on ye, John. ~ Jeff Gathercole

  2. tony beachler says:

    I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in Lowell and radio/music was a big part of my life. And the one ad that always had me singing was apparently yours! “At age 17 friends Dave and Tom from Murray Lake Marina gave me a job…….” “I had a boat that could barely float, so I saved up my money for a small rowboat.”
    I loved it. I am trying to search and search for the lyrics and/or a file just to hear it again!

    Any help on how I can find this?!

  3. John Breen says:

    John Breen is now singing and playing keys and bass for the band MEESIN’ AROUND

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