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Laura Springer

Tetrad – (Bass, vocals)

Laura Springer’s musical journey started at age 11, when her father sensed potential and natural rhythm. He signed her up for guitar lessons which helped her develop technique and learn about music theory. Just out of high school, Laura taught beginner guitar at Farrow’s Music in Grand Rapids, where upon a small jam session in the store, she was handed a bass guitar and told to play it. Scott Farrow, the manager, gave her some bass lessons and helped her acquire equipment and join a few different bands. Through the late 70’s and early 80’s that led to other bands, gigs, and styles, including Rock, Southern and Country Rock, Pop, and Blues. In 1984, she met guitar player/singer/song-writer Randy Springer. For the next 5 years they played all over Michigan and in 1987 they recorded an album and took it to Florida to promote. Between then and the present they were married and continue to be involved in bands and projects together and separately. They reunite their musical talent with players from past endeavors for this current project. Laura has been involved in recording projects, and played numerous bars, weddings, parties, festivals, clubs, rodeos, county fairs, shows, and benefits. She is described as a solid player, professional, prepared, and easy to work with.

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