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Grand Rapids – LHF is a hard rock band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We play a mix of early metal, grunge, modern hard rock with a core of ’80s commercial metal, about a notch harder than the “hair band” stuff.

Band Members:

  • Kirk Nagle – (Vocals)
  • Jim Brooks – (Guitars, back-up vocals)
  • Drew Thompson – (Bass, back-up vocals)
  • Rob Viilo – (Drums and Percussion, back-up vocals)
Looking forward to a rockin’ 2013! Our hard rock/metal band is shooting for a March debut….. Almost there songwise! The phenomenal Kirk Nagle is on lead vox, the maestro Jimmy Brooks on lead guitar, Dr. Drew “the Pinskinator” Thompson on bass, and yours truly, bashing the tubs and double-kicks!! Our song-list was lovingly prepared to KICK YOUR ASS!!!! It will be a HEAVY, but DANCEABLE hard rock/metal show with many of yours and our favorite tunes!!! Right now, we are calling ourselves… L.H.F. !!

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