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Lloyd Miller

Bob and the Rockabillies – (Drums)

From: kim rush
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2012 4:36 AM
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to Lloyd Miller on the phone. He played drums on Bob Reinhardt’s first record “Baby Why Did You Have to Go” / “Your Kind of Love” from April of 1958 by Bob and the Rockbillies. He told me that this song was put together in Bob Tucker’s garage in the 1300 block of Thomas S.E. A disc jockey called Bill Barber had a radio show from 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon at that time called Bill’s Barber Shop (?) and was playing some rock and roll on his show. Bill came over to hear them play and liked this song. He invited them to play it on his radio show, and set up a recording session for them in Lansing. He also got them a gig at an Alan Freed show at the Civic Auditorium. They played during the intermissions/ before the national acts and met Buddy Holly, who was one of Bob’s major influences.
Lloyd was born 1.3.39. He told me about Del Shannon (Charles Westover) hanging around Bob “like a groupie,” just wanting to jam with Bob.
By 1959, Lloyd was serving in the Air Force and had lost track of Bob.
I could not find anything online about Bill Barber, other than the obituary I’ve included below. I’m very interested in learning more about him. Can you help? Do you think that Bill was the first rock and roll disc jockey in Grand Rapids? Which station?
Thank you,
Kim Rush

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