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March 11, 1964

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(Day 35) Kingtones Memoirs
March 11, 1964 (Wednesday)                                                
I got up at 10:30 A.M. Chick had invited me over to my folk’s apartment for breakfast, and I was looking forward to having her cook for me. This was her last day in Florida. They were leaving for Michigan on Thursday morning. I spent some time with my family and then took Chick for a walk. I became the “tour guide,” showing her Pete’s second home, the Shelazar Bar, our favorite grocery store, the Dairy Queen and other “attractions” in the area. We had a great time, just walking, talking and holding hands. 
Meanwhile back at our apartment, the boys tried, on three different occasions, to use the Kingtones’ van to run some errands. Each time they had to push it with Major’s car and pop the clutch to get it started. Evidently, the Ford dealer that fixed the van over looked the need for a new starter. Phil was going to take it back to the dealership in the morning.

It was another very hot day, so Chick and I stopped back at the Kingtone
s’ apartment to see if anyone wanted to go to the beach. Bob, Mike and Phil wanted to go. Pete preferred to go to the air conditioned Shelazar Bar. When we got to the beach, everybody put on suntan lotion and laid out in the sun. After a half hour, someone mentioned how red we were getting. Sure enough, we were all sunburned except Chick. Of the four boys, Bob was burned the worst. Mike and Phil were tied for second place and I was burned the least. We quickly put on our T-shirts and returned to our apartment to stay out of the sun. On our way back, we stopped at a drug store and bought some MediQuick First Aid spray. This was supposed to take the pain out of sunburn. When we arrived, I sprayed the MediQuick on the boys backs. Chick sprayed my back. She didn’t need any spray herself, because her redness turned to tan.  
At supper time, I borrowed my dad’s car and took Chick out to dinner. We had a great time. The boys, on the other hand, fixed themselves some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No one was willing to cook except Mike and me. Mike didn’t want the job full time, so he decided it was best not to offer to cook for anyone for any reason.
We left for Porky’s at 8:45 P.M. I drove Chick there in my dad’s car. Once again we were alternating sets with The Thunderbirds. We would try to develop a good rock sound, only to have to stop to let Billy & Lillie and the Thunderbirds change the mood and atmosphere with their cool blues and jazz tunes. It was really hard to create a good rock atmosphere and sound when we had to start all over each set, as if it was our first set of the night. We could not keep the “rock momentum” going because of The Thunderbirds playing a different kind of music every other half hour.

As we took to the stage on our fourth set, we could sense something was wrong when Phil sat down on his amp. In all the years The Kingtones played together, Phil had never sat down while playing. He always stood up at the microphone. Then he sat on the floor. We wondered if he was having a slight sunstroke from too much sun that day. He looked like he was going to pass out.  We stopped playing and helped him off the stage. We laid him on a table and put a cold wet cloth on his head. He passed out. We poured a little water on his face and he came to. We gave him some water to drink and just let him rest. Meanwhile, the Thunderbirds took over and finished our set. They then played their regular alternating set. By the time they were finished, Phil was sitting up and felt well enough to continue playing.

During our last break, I was so tired that I went out to the car and laid down on the seat. The next thing I knew, Pete was shaking me. He said the band was on stage playing their second song without me, and to get in there now! What a night!
When we finished playing, I took Chick back to her apartment. I was very tired and very sad to have to say good bye. As my heart was breaking, I told her that I loved her. I then mustered up a happy appearance and with a smile said I would see her soon.  I gave her a long kiss and said good bye. As I walked back to my apartment, tears rolled down my face. I really loved that girl and I was going to miss her terribly.
When I got back, my thoughts of Chick quickly vanished because the boys were talking about different tortures and killings they had heard about or read in the paper. They were also complaining about their sunburn. I got out the MediQuick and sprayed their backs. 
Phil said that on Monday, March 16, Porky was going to try out another rock ‘n roll band to alternate with us. We decided that if we still couldn’t find the Kingtones’  “sound” by Monday night, with only rock music being played, we were going to give Porky our two week notice and leave. We were all starting to feel a little homesick anyway.
Outside of being sunburned, four of us were healthy. We weren’t sure about Phil’s health because of his passing out at Porky’s. We were getting along good.



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