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March 17, 1964

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(Day 41) Kingtones Memoirs
March 17, 1964 (Tuesday)

We got up at 2 P.M. The weather was a little cooler with a nice breeze. It felt good after so many days of very hot temperatures. Because it was so nice out, everybody, except Bob, wanted to get out of the apartment.  I went and bought groceries. Mike and Phil went to a hobby shop and bought a chess game and two model airplanes to put together. Pete went and bought some new shoes. Bob stayed home and watched TV.

When everyone returned, I made a big supper. After we finished eating, Phil and Mike started putting their model airplanes together. The rest of us watched TV until we had to leave for Porky’s. We used to have Tuesdays off,  but under our new agreement with Porky, we now played seven nights a week.

Our theory about playing only rock and roll music at Porky’s  to help us establish the “Kingtones’ Sound,” was put to the test that night, and it seemed to be work. Our first two forty- minute sets were good. The next tow forty- minute sets were excellent. The last 2 sets were great. Pete was at the top of his game. His vocals were superb and he called the right songs at the right times. He moved around and danced a little. I bounced on my chair so much that I thought I might break it. I even told a few stupid jokes that I learned from my mentor Doc Jorne. The audience seemed to love those stupid jokes. They laughed and clapped.  Bob and Phil had their sound down and were swinging their guitars in sync with the music. Mike was fabulous on the drums that night. His driving beat made you dance, even if you didn’t really want to. The music all came together and the crowd loved us. They stayed until we finished.

When we were done, we headed to Royal Castle to get something to eat. Pete stated that he thought he should make more money than the rest of us. He indicated that our successful night was because of him. I took issue with him and told him what each of us had done to make the night successful. He was getting a big head and was hard to get along with. He said he was thinking of leaving and going back to Michigan. That ended our discussion. We got back to our apartment at 5:30 A.M. We were exhausted. Six hours a night was just too much. I said a prayer and thanked God for our success that night.

Four of us were healthy. Mike was coming down with a cold. We were not getting along very well, especially not with Pete.


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