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March 5, 1964

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(Day 29) Kingtones Memoirs
March 5, 1964

I got up at 9:00 A.M. to watch a TV special on the late Al Jolson. We were thinking that we might do an impersonation of him. We were influenced by the Thunderbirds. Because I didn’t get to bed until around 4:30 A.M, I kept falling asleep during the program. I finally shut the TV off and went to bed. I had hardly gotten to sleep when a tree cutter started up his chain saw to cut down limbs. It was not a very restful night. We never talked about Al Jolson again.
I finally got up and made breakfast. As the boys took their TV positions, I went out looking for a motel for my parents and Chick to stay at when they got here. It was 87 degrees out and felt very hot! My quest for a motel was becoming a nightmare. I could not find a room available. As I trudged down the road back to our place, I spotted an apartment house with a “For Rent” sign on the office door. I stopped to see if they would rent me an apartment for one week. Normally they rented by the month, but since they had several apartments vacant, they said they would rent me one for a week. Hallelujah, my nightmare was over. When I got back, I was really tired. I did not want to make supper, but if I didn’t make it, we wouldn’t eat. So, I made spaghetti.
We left for Porky’s at 8:45 P.M. It was a different kind of night. We made a lot of musical mistakes: wrong chord here, wrong note there, not ending the song at the same time, etc. Pete, who was usually a master at calling the right songs at the right time, had an off night. No matter what song he called, it wasn’t the one he should have called. In spite of all our mistakes, our overall sound was good and we held the crowd. It seemed like the hours just dragged. It was a very long night.

When we finished and got ready to leave, Pete told us to go on without him. He had met some girl and wanted to talk to her. It was a rather cool night outside, but Pete was willing to hitchhike home in the name of “love.” We all laughed, called him “sucker,” and left.  We were all healthy.  Mike’s measles rash had cleared up and we were getting along good. The six hour sets were getting to us. We were getting sick of playing.


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