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Messin’ Around

Grand Rapids – A 5 piece variety band, covering oldies, country, blues and classic rock.

Messin’ Around Band

Band Members (11/2011 c.)

  • Dan Lilly (Lead guitar)
  • Andy Taylor (Keys)
  • John Breen (Bass)
  • Devin Hallengren (Drums)
  • Angeline (Lead vocals)

Band Members (4/2013 c.)

  • Phyllis MacGuire (Lead Vocal)
  • Phil Bates (Lead guitar, lead & backup vocals) Sitting in for Dan Lilly
  • Andy Taylor (Keys, vocals)
  • Devin Hallengren (Bass, lead & backup vocals)
  • Jeff Henrichsen (Drums)


Available for live band venues, private parties, weddings, or any occasion needing live music

Although our website has not been updated, you can visit it anytime to get a sound clip of the band. http://www.messinaroundband.com

E-Mail: themessinaroundband@yahoo.com

Messin’ Around/FaceBook


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